Journal Cancellations 2010

Thanks in large part to your feedback, OSU Libraries has been able to identify the necessary cancellations that will allow us to meet the Library’s expected budget shortfalls in fiscal year 2009-2010.

The list of cancellations identified for FY2009-2010 is now on the OSU Libraries’ Collections Review page. These reductions will take effect on January 2010.

You may remember that we also identified titles that would be cut in fiscal year 2010-11. Given the budgetary uncertainty for OUS and/or OSU, we may have to cancel some of these titles earlier than we anticipate. We will notify you in the event that this reduction needs to be made.

Thank you for the assistance you provided in helping with the difficult decisions we have had to make in our current budgetary situation. We will be continuing our work with the University of Oregon and with other OUS institutions to reduce duplication, share access and develop strategies to reduce the impact of the budget.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Loretta Rielly, Head of Collection Development, Faye Chadwell, Associate University Librarian for Collections and Content Management, or your subject librarian.

Posted - July 08, 2009