Library Session: Learning Objectives


Learning Objective 1: Turn keywords into search strategies

After choosing and exploring a topic area, the student will create a keyword search strategy, using Boolean connectors and truncation as appropriate, that retrieves potentially relevant results from an online information retrieval tool.

Learning Objective 2: Develop new search strategies, based on new information

After retrieving bibliographic records or citations, the student will correctly identify the controlled vocabulary fields in the records, and apply the controlled vocabulary to revised search strategies.

After retrieving information about the topic area, the student will anaylze the new information and identify additional keywords that, when used in an information search, will retrieve additional information sources.

Learning Objective 3: Evaluate the results of searches

After retrieving bibliographic records and citations, the student will analyze the information given in the records to determine if the search strategy is yielding potentially useful information sources.

Learning Objective 4: Examine the thesis, and revise to integrate new information

After retrieving and examining information sources on the topic, the student will integrate the new information into their previous understanding of the topic and reword or refocus their thesis statement as necessary.