WR 121 Research Log

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Finding Materials in the Valley Library

Locating materials in the library is a multi-step process.

  1. Find the call number for any item (including books, journal or magazine titles, videos, maps, etc.) using the OSU Library Catalog.

    Special tips for finding print copies of articles in journals, magazines or newspapers.

    1. You must search for the call number for journal articles by looking in the catalog for the title of the journal, not the title of the article.
    2. Some article databases include our call numbers for the journals that we own. However, they do not show what years we own, so you will need to check the library catalog to find that information.
  2. To find the item, you will need to take note of three pieces of information from the library catalog: the location of the item, the call number of the item, and the status of the item.

    Location, Call Number, and Status will be "boxed" below the title, author and publisher information for the item.

    1. Use the first letter of the call number to identify what floor in the library to go to, using the following guide: Call Number Locations
    2. Be sure to note the location of the item. We have several special locations, such as Valley Ref, Valley Docs, Valley Microfilm, Valley Maps, COCC, or HMSC. You can find out more about these locations by clicking on the link in the Location box in the catalog record.
    3. Look at the status of the item, to make sure that it is available and not checked out or lost.
  3. Go to the floor of the library to find the item. Once you get to the proper floor, use the call number to find the item.

    Clicking on the links next on the Call Number locations list will bring up maps of each floor. These maps will show you where the call numbers starting with each letter are shelved.

    Special tips for finding articles from journals and magazines:

    1. Current issues of journals and magazines (usually the current year) are shelved in call number order in a Current Journals Display area on the floor containing that call number.
    2. Older issues will be bound together and shelved with all the other books with similar call numbers.

If you have difficulty finding something, be sure to check at the Reference Desk to make sure you are looking in the right place.

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