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Assignment #1D: Is My Topic Manageable?

In this section, you will think about different types of information sources and determine which sources are the most promising for your particular topic area. You will use this information to predict which of the research questions you identified in Assignment 1C will be the most manageable to research.

What to Do

  1. Read Chapter 15, sections A and B in St. Martin's.
  2. Look at the questions you wrote down in Assignment #1C.
  3. Write a paragraph answering the following questions:
    1. Which question do you think provides the most manageable focus?
    2. What kind of sources will you need to answer this question, and why? Be specific in terms of the format, audience and the purpose of the sources you suggest.
      • Consider where your topic falls in the timeline of information. Where do you think information about your topic has been published (books, newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, etc.)?
      • Consider who is likely to be publishing information about your topic (journalists, scholars, government agencies, corporations, etc.).

Check the Scoring Rubric to see what you need to do to get full credit for this assignment.

Additional Help

After completing this assignment, add the following to your research log:

  1. Your paragraph analyzing the manageability of your research question.

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