WR121 Library Assignments

Research log | Assignment #6 | Assignment #7 | Annotated bibliography

Research Log

With the Research Log, you will keep track of your research process from the time you select a topic area, until you are ready to integrate your sources into your final paper.

There are a total of six assignments that make up the Research Log. The first five are required in all WR 121 sections. You will submit the first five assignments to your WR121 instructor electronically, in Blackboard. a few days before the library session. Both the librarian and the WR 121 instructor will look at the assignments, and they will be graded by the librarian before the library session.

Then, you might complete two final assignments and bring them with you to the library session. The librarian may collect those assignments, or they may be used in-class.

Annotated Bibliography

In this assignment, you will create a bibliography that includes some of the sources you used while you went through the research process for your paper. The bibliography should go beyond the sources you cited in the paper, and also include sources that you used for background information. In the annotations you write, you will explain how you used, found, and evaluated the quality of each source included.

Assignment checklist

Check the syllabus for your WR121 section to fill in specific due dates.