WR121 Annotated Bibliography
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What to do

  1. Choose 8-10 sources you consulted during your research process. All ten sources do not have to be sources that you cited in your final paper. You may also include sources that you used for background information, that you used to lead you to additional sources, or that you did not use because you determined that they were inferior to other sources.
  2. Format the citation for each source correctly, according to the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers
  3. For each citation, write a brief annotation. Your annotation should address each of these questions:
    1. Did you use the source to write your paper, and if so, how?
    2. Evaluate the source. What are its strengths and weaknesses for your particular topic?
    3. How did you find the source?
    4. Did this source lead you to any additional sources?
  4. Turn the annotated bibliography in with the final draft of your paper.

For more information

There are a number of easily-available sources to help you complete this assignment.
For help formatting your citations: St. Martin's, Chapter 14, section 1: Keeping a working bibliography

St. Martin's, Chapter 20: Documenting sources, MLA Style

Diana Hacker's Research and Documentation Online.
For help evaluating sources: St. Martin's, Chapter 16: Evaluating sources and taking notes

OSU Library Tutorial: Engaging with your sources

For help understanding plagiarism, how to use sources, and when to cite them: St. Martin's, Chapter 18: Acknowledging sources and avoiding plagiarism

St. Martin's, Chapter 17: Integrating sources into your writing

The Plagiarism Court (Fairfield College)

Oops, I Plagiarized (UCLA)