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Module B (1) Background Information
Module B (2) Different Research Tools
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Module B (4) Research on the Internet




+ Link to USDA

The United States Department of Agriculture offers free AGRICOLA access.

When you are no longer affiliated with the university, you may not have access to the paid subscription of AGRICOLA.

However, the USDA provides a free version of AGRICOLA, so that you can use it no matter where you are, as long as you have Internet access.

You can find this resource on the USDA homepage, at


The Search screen of this version of AGRICOLA allows you to search both the online catalog for NAL (National Agriculture Library), and article databases.

It is mainly a citation keyword search.

You can choose to search the online catalog alone, or search both catalog and database together.

To explain the operation of this database in detail, the USDA offers an online help manual, available at