Online Tutorial for Computerized Information in Agriculture
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Module A (1) Assessments
Module A (2) Organization of Information
Module A (3) Identifying
Module A (4) Referencing
Module A (5) Managing



Relationship bewteen information providers

Recent years, agriculture research has become more multidisciplinary and collaborations are commonplace. All information providers can collaborate with one and others. Sometimes, funding are generated through such collaborations. Therefore, information providers from different sectors are always interacting. For example, a faculty from a university conducted a research and presents the result in a conference sponsored by a professional society in addition to many other research from various sectors. All presenters or participants may interact and exchange ideas in the conferences. Sometimes, such interactions become networks of information sharing. The society later publishes a conference proceeding making research results available to whoever has access to the proceeding and the interactions carry on. The diagram below shows the path of interaction between the information providers.

+ Diagram for Relationship between Information Providers