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Two other useful features are the and

Definition downloaded from the Help section in the SilverPlatter Databases.

Direct excerpt from SilverPlatter: Thesaurus is a list of controlled dictionary.

The CAB Thesaurus provides controlled vocabulary that is used to index the following descriptor fields in the CAB ABSTRACTS database:

  • Broad Terms (BT),
  • Descriptors (DE),
  • Geographic Headings (GE), and
  • Organism Descriptors (OD).

By clicking the icon , you will see a subject search box and a list of terms.

For example, if you type "AAEA"in the search box, the thesaurus will refer you to "American Agricultural Economical Association."

You can click on the hot links and lead to more records.

More detailed information, click on the icon, and choose Thesaurus from the menu.

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