Online Tutorial for Computerized Information in Agriculture
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Module A (1) Assessments
Module A (2) Organization of Information
Module A (3) Identifying
Module A (4) Referencing
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identifying :: information flow

Diagram for information flow.

+ Information Flow in Agriculture

Many types of information generated are systematically communicated before they reach the public in the pre-Internet phase. The diagram below shows the multidisciplinary aspects of agriculture and the types of publications and communications generated. After the information is created, libraries, information centers and the agricultural experiment stations distribute them to the general public. Information can be distributed through many formats such as printed materials, videos, radio broadcasting, or personal communications, etc.

In recent years, the Internet changed the publication cycle and how information can be communicated instantly. Although information can reach the public faster, there is no system for quality control. Fortunately, major information providers in agriculture are now posting information on the web, transferring authoritative communications/publications from print to electronic form.