Online Tutorial for Computerized Information in Agriculture
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Module B (1) Background Information
Module B (2) Different Research Tools
FirstSearch (OCLC)
ISI Web of Science
Module B (4) Research on the Internet



firstsearch databases :: advanced search screen

This is an interactive module, you can practice searching in FIrstSearch database by clicking the link "Link to Firstsearch Database" next to the + sign, and a pop up window will appear, you can ajust its size, so that you can read the instruction and practice searching the database at the same time.

+ Link to FirstSearch Databases

The Advanced Search screen allows you to execute more precise searching.

Use the "pull down" menu by pressing the downword arrow in the keyword box. You will get a list of options of search fields (e.g. conference). You can use a combination of author (e.g. Smith) and conference name (e.g. IEEE conference) to get more specific results.

By using appropriate search terms, you can have many different search combinations in the advanced search screeen below.

You can limit search by year, language and document type