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Module B (1) Background Information
Module B (2) Different Research Tools
FirstSearch (OCLC)
ISI Web of Science
Module B (4) Research on the Internet



ebscohost :: creating a user profile

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Sign In to My EBSCOhost
Welcome to My EBSCO host , a personal area you can use to collect information you plan on reusing in a future EBSCO host session. You do not need to sign in to My EBSCO host to conduct searches or print articles-only if you want to save items and reuse them the next time you use EBSCO host.

Once you sign in, you can save search results, persistent links to searches, search history and alerts, journal alerts and web pages to your personal area. All items are saved in a folder that only you can access.

If you need to set up an account so you can sign in, or need to be reminded of your user name or password, click on the links above.

Note: This option will be very useful for your data management. You can collect and store the documents you have retrieved.