Online Tutorial for Computerized Information in Agriculture
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Module A (1) Assessments
Module A (2) Organization of Information
Module A (3) Identifying
Module A (4) Referencing
Module A (5) Managing



Module A-5 Managing Data

There are several types of bibliographic software that are useful for filing and managing information retrieved for your research. They provide a mini-library for your own research. You can organize or index the data/information you gathered and search through it any way you want to.

Many of these programs have a free trial download, so you can test them out yourself.

Note: the Valley Library does not support these programs.

These are the most common bibliographic softwares:

1. + Procite

2. + Reference Manager

3. + WriteNote

4. + RefViz

5. + EndNote

Recent years, many people are using blogger software to communicate with each other. This may be a tool for consideration in information sharing.


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