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Module B (1) Background Information
Module B (2) Different Research Tools
Module B (3) Databases

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Module B (4) Research on the Internet



reseach tools :: open access journals

Many quality peer-reviewed journals are now available on the Internet readily accessible to the public. Many of these journals are published by universities and professional societies.

There are some published in agriculture and related areas, and they are indexed in various places. The most common place to look for these kinds of journals is through the Directory of open access journal on the internet


One example of open access journals in plant science is the Plant Management Network.

This network includes three journals; they are:

(1) Forage and Grazinglands,
(2) Crop Management, and
(3) Plant Health Progress.

All are accessible through the

Plant Management Network, at


Another open access journal is:

Agbioforum (encourages dialogue on agriculture biotech management and economics)


OSU Libraries Web indexed some more open access journals, you may find them in the OASIS (OSU Libraries Catalog) databases and e-journals listings.


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