Online Tutorial for Computerized Information in Agriculture
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Module A (1) Assessments
Module A (2) Organization of Information
Module A (3) Identifying
Module A (4) Referencing
Module A (5) Managing



identifying :: information providers

Diagrams for relationship and location

+ Relationship between information providers

+ Locating information providers

Information providers come from various sectors. Common information providers in agriculture are usually government agencies, universities, industries and professional societies.

1. The government publishes brochures, pamphlets, circulars, technical reports, general reports, statistics, research results, newsletters, regulations, etc. The best place to start researching is through the USDA web page:


2. Universities generate research results by faculty, staff and students from individual departments, including extension services.

3. Industries sometimes publish research results from their own Research & Development Departments, however, some information is not made public.

4. Professional associations publish both trade and professional journals,as well as newsletters, statistics, conference papers, and more.


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