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Module A (1) Assessments
Module A (2) Organization of Information
Module A (3) Identifying
Module A (4) Referencing
Module A (5) Managing



identifying :: information providers

There are many ways to locate information providers. The following list is suggested as a tool for a beginning. You will find out more on your own in the future.

1. Professional society
If you want to find a professional society that is suitable for your research topic, e.g. a society specifically for plant sciences, you can go to


2. Government
If you want to find an agency that may possibly publish some information in your research area, go to


3. Experts in the subject areas
Many subject experts publish research results, field reports, circular etc. and many are indexed in agriculture related database (e.g Agricola). Subject databases index individual articles published by experts.

4. Oregon Department of Agriculture
If you are looking for information about agriculture in Oregon, you can go to


5. Commercial sites
If you want to find a company that might be producing products that are related to your research, you can get a list of companies in agriculture business directories. Large corporations have their own Research & Development departments, and may publish research in areas of your interest. They usually patent their products. Patent documents are thorough and precise, so you may be able to find some design desciptions, illustrations etc. about the products. Note: Patent searching is not simple. Whenever in doubt, ask for help from librarians.
Here is a list for agriculture business: extension service are also included.



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