Online Tutorial for Computerized Information in Agriculture
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Logic of Evaluation

A. Retrieving

You need to learn what specialized information a database, index, abstract or bibliography provides and how to use these reources properly. When you are familiar with these tools, you can use them to retrieve data needed for your own research topic. It is essential to search as extensively as possible, for if any crucial data is missing, your ability to evaluate information will be impaired.

B. Planning and Managing

When the information/data you retrieved is systematically organized in one place, you will know what information you already have. You can categorize it according to your own preference and make a mini-library on the desktop for yourself. Some people use bibliographic software such as ENDNOTE or ProCite to organize their information. In addition to showing what data you have, organizing your data will also give you a perspective of what is amiss in your research.

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