Assignment for Concept Mapping (Short Exercise)

Objective: Practice visual presentation of information

Name: ____________________________________

Research topic: ____________________________

Objective: Use concept mapping for relation and clarification.


Before he died, a pirate gave each of his two sons partial instructions of how to find his hidden treasure. He told them that

the only way to find the treasure was to work with each other.


Instruction for the older son:

From the old bell tower at the foot of the Sunshine Canyon, start towards the southeast and pass the pasture full of blackberry bushes.

At the other side of the pasture, you will see a little green house with a big wooden horse head displaying on the front yard. Wait until an

old man comes out and ask him where a wolf named Kukoko is. When you find Kukoko, look to the direction his head is facing.

Then, follow that direction until you come to a cross road with a little inn. Ignore the innkeeper and head south from the crossing.

Keep walking until you see a big round rock under a willow tree. Dig underneath the tree, you will see a box and the key tied on top,

but it is a wrong key to the box. Wait here until your brother arrives.


Instruction for the younger son:

Sail down the Apple River around the Sunshine Canyon until you see the old bell tower. Keep following the course of the river which will lead

your ship through five turns. At the fifth turn, look towards the Northeast, you will see a distant mountain with huge rock shaped like a wolf on top.

From here, get ashore and you will find a man renting out horses. Ask the man what the mountain with the wolf shaped rock on top is named.

Rent a horse from this man and ride along the shore until you can no longer see the wolf rock. You will soon see a sign posting on the road side.

The sign says "Welcome to the Crossroad Inn, we are five miles towards the East." Dig under the sign, you will find a box with a key, but the key

does not open the box. Take the box with you and keep riding south until you see a big round rock under a willow tree. Wait for your brother here.


Instruction for both sons

When you two meet, you will be able to open the boxes. You can not cause any damage to the boxes; they must be opened by keys. They must be

opened while you two are sitting on the big round rock under the willow tree. Each box contains one half of the treasure map. If you follow these instructions,

you will find the treasure immediately.


Draw all these on one map to show:

  1. The route the older son took.
  2. The route the younger son took.
  3. Indicate the location of Kukoko.
  4. Show the directional relationship between KuKoKo and the cross road inn; Wolf Rock and the beach where the younger son landed. (North? South? East? West? Northeast? Etc.)
  5. Show the directional relationship between the big round rock and the Canyon.


Answer these questions:

1. What kind of wolf is Kukoko? ____________________________________________________________________________________________

2. How do the two sons open their own boxes? _________________________________________________________________________________

3. Where exactly is the treasure? (Can be multiple answers.) _________________________________________________________________________