Assignment for Applying Concept Mapping to your Research Topic

Name: ________________________________

Research topic: ________________________________

Objective: Use concept mapping to summarize, and relate bits and pieces of information.


Prior to this assignment, you should have already searched for information and found results. Compile information you gathered into keywords.

This information can be from any source (article, TV, radio, books, magazines, Internet etc.)

1. Organize these keywords and draw a concept map to assess what kind of information you have at hand.

2. Look at Jon Margerum-Leys from The University of Michigan's Types of Maps

Use any type of map(s). Use the format and layout of maps mentioned in this web site to organize your research.


If your research is intended to solve a problem, use the "problem solution" map.

If it is a process, use the "process development" map.

If it is a debate, use the "persuasive argument" map.

If it is a description or analysis, use the "characteristics" map.

If you are trying to determine a research topic, use the "research topic" map.

If it is a narrative, use the "narrative story" map

It is not uncommon to use more than one type of map.