Assignment for Information Organization

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Objectives: Make locating information easier by developing an understanding or ow information is organized.

Become familiar with:

1. Types of information and formats
2. Library of Congress Subject Headings
3. Call numbers
4. SuDoc numbers


1. How to read Call numbers.

Use a call number (e.g. SB567 C64 1989) you obtain from any book and do an analysis of the call number as illustrated below:

a. What floor in the Valley Library will you go to?

2. What book, a ccording to the illustration?

Assignment Modified from the student tutorial created by Reference Service Workgroup at Valley Library.

4. What is the correct arrangement of this list of SuDoc numbers?
• HE 20.11:M 46/2
• HE 3.2:Ab 5
• HE 20.11:M 46/996
• HE 20.2:D 63/7
• HE 20.11/2:M 46
• SuDocs and OrDocs are located on 3rd floor
• Many government documents are cataloged in OASIS
• They come in many formats (paper, CD, microfiche)
• Organization is by agency, not subject
• Numbers in SuDoc and OrDoc systems are whole numbers, not decimals
• Arrangement is: numbers, letters, year
• Remember to check OASIS for holdings; refer to a librarian if not found

Location maps
3rd floor
Government Information and Maps area

This assignment is modified from Valery King’s original Gov. Doc. Assignments.