Assignment for Gathering Background Information

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Research Topic:______________________________________________________

Objectives: Be familiar with sources that provide background and reference information, especially in the United States,

the State of Oregon and Extension Services at OSU.

Purpose: Get acquainted with various sources

Browse through these websites and answer the questions

Questions for Government Resources

1. USDA --- United States Department of Agriculture--- all sorts of agricultural information.

a. What is the full name of NASS? _______________________________________________________________

2. Go to the NASS section at, and get a report for a single commodity.
1. Publications.
2. Report on commodity.
Then, select a statistical report on a single commodity of your choice.

3. ODA---Oregon Department of Agriculture --- regulations, licenses, permits, statistical data.

a. Find the “Seed licensing program” for Oregon
b. When you find it, click on the link “USDA, AMS Livestock and Seed Program - Seed Regulatory and Testing Programs web site”

c. Look at the seed resource link.

4. Oregon Agricultural Statistics Service

a. View a current report and, in a few sentences, summarize the report.


5. OSU Extension and Experiment Station Communications

EC--- Extension Circular; EM---Extension Miscellaneous; FS ---Fact Sheet
EB--- Extension Bulletin; FG--- Fertilizer guide

a. Click the Publications link on the left hand side of the screen, then click

the Publications and Videos link

b. Find some information on the Cherry Bark Tortrix Moth
Under the major heading Agriculture, which sub-heading links you to the publication on the Cherry Bark Tortrix Moth?


c. How much does Weed Management in Grass Seed Production cost, reprinted in June 2002 by the extension service?


Some organizations or societies provide free information, some charge fees. Browse through this website and comment on what you find out about fees.




6. Oregon Small Farms

a. From this site, find the section on Sustainable Sheep Production under the Livestock Production Guide , who are the authors?


Which agency publishes this guide?


b. How many pages does the Manual of Classification of Agricultural and Forestry Research have? ________________________________

Questions for Industries


1. Western Barley Grower Association

a. In which country does this association reside?

2. American Corn Grower Association

a. Find a resource that provides information about corn.
Write out the full URL _________________________________________

3. Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association

a. Find information on the United States standards for grades on asparagus from this website.

Write out the full URL _____________________________________________