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Module B (1) Background Information
Module B (2) Different Research Tools
Module B (3) Databases

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Module B (4) Research on the Internet



Module B-1 Background Information

This section will help you find background information as well as reference sources.

Special tools for data in the agricultural disciplines

Here are some recommended sources:

  • Outlook (e.g. Rice outlook RCS)
  • Situations (e.g. Beef situation and outlook report)
  • Treaties (These are agreements between nations, such as on crop trades)
  • Guides (e.g. North American Horticulture: A Reference Guide)
  • Reports (e.g. General technical report FPL)
  • Clearinghouse (e.g. Air CHIEF clearinghouse for information on emission factors)
  • Statistics (e.g. Cotton price statistics)
  • Directories (e.g. CDE stock ownership directory: agribusiness)
  • Assessment (e.g. Technical and economic assessment of whole crop harvesting of grain and fiber crops in Manitoba)
  • Reviews (e.g. A review of soil heaving studies related)
  • Yearbooks (e.g. Agriculture yearbooks)
  • Handbooks (e.g. Yearbook of agriculture)
  • Manuals (e.g. Instruction manual for FER 500A bookkeeping system (FER 501)
  • Dictionaries (e.g. Hortus Third: A Concise Dictionary of Plants Cultivated in the United States and Canada)

Information Reference Resources on the Web

Websites produced by extension services and other organizations can be very comprehensive and give thorough background information For example:

Information Resources on the Web


National Pesticide Information Center


National Agricultural Statistics Service



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