Assignment for EBSCO Host

(Notes taken from Valery King's Instruction handouts.)

Name: ____________________________________________________

Research topic: ____________________________________________

1. Search Strategies



Exercise 1: Use Boolean Logic


Choose keywords from your research log, use the Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT) to gather different search results.


1. AND

______________________ AND __________________________

What information will be included in this search?

2. OR

_____________________ OR ______________________________

What information will be included in this search?

3. NOT

_____________________ NOT ______________________________

What information will be excluded in this search?


Exercise 2: Use the subject terms offered by the database

Use subject terms provided by the database to broaden or narrow your topic.



Click on ,

Do not type any words in the search box.

For general searches, in order to browse the subject terms, you need to use the browse box.

For example, if your topic has something to do with GUN, type in the word GUN in the browse box.



If you click on FIREARMS--Law & legislation, it will take you to the subject listing below.



You can direct the search by selecting

1. Term Begins With

2. Term Contains

3. Relevancy Ranked

Then you can choose any subject topics or headings by checking the little box next to the term. For example, FIRE control (Gunnery)

Then you click on the

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