Assignment for searching in FIRST Search OCLC --- page 1

This exercise is not interactive, you need to print this page out and get on the databases either from your home or in the libraries.

Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________

Research Topic: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Objective: To get acquainted with different features in First Search Databases

A. Accessing OCLC First Search databases at OSU.

Go to library home page


2. On the homepage, choose Database.

3. You will see this search box. Choose “A”, You will see AGRICOLA.


Click on A to get to AGRICOLA, choose the AGRICOLA (First Search) option.

b. Browse the index in the Advanced Search Screen.

You will see this browse icon at the right of the search box. This icon allows you to browse the indexed field (author, title, identifier etc.)

Exercise: click on the browse icon, ,

1. Type in a search term in the box

2. Choose a field in the “Indexed in Box”. Compare the number of hits of different fields. [It will be better if you can choose at least 3 fields to compare]

The browse option helps you check your spelling, or compare results in each field.

c. The Descriptor and/or Identifier Fields may help you get more keywords for your research.


The Descriptor and / or Identifier Fields list terms or phases, you can look at these terms and see if they are useful to your research.

Exercise: Type in a keyword for your research topic, look at the records closely. Use terms listed in the

Descriptor or Identifier Field as addition or alternative search words. Compare the results.


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