Graduate Student Writing Resources

Graduate Writing Courses Taught on Campus

Many departments have journal clubs, where students discuss current journal articles, which can help with writing skills development.

Hopefully this list is incomplete. Please let us know of any additional thesis writing courses offered on campus.

Suggestions to Improve Your Writing

Thesis Writing Websites

Contact a Librarian for More Help

Contact your subject librarian to learn more about the research process at OSU Libraries and for more thesis writing suggestions.

The Writing Center

Sign up for half hour appointments to discuss your writing. Let them know ahead of time if you plan to use there services regularly so they can plan for you. Check their website for tips for a successful appointment and writing tips.

Books on Writing

If the book you want is currently checked out, repeat your search in the Summit Catalog to find a copy of the book.

Books for All Graduate Students:

Books for Science Writers:

Books for Social Science Writers:

Books for Engineering Writers: