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Endowed University Libraries Internship Program  -- As OSU continues to attract high-achieving students, internship opportunities will provide the University with a competitive edge to recruit and retain the best undergraduate and graduate students. Students will seek opportunities to expand their horizons beyond classrooms and labs. Trevor Sandgathe, former OSU Libraries intern and library staff member since 2010 says, “My internship with the Oregon State University Libraries afforded me the rare opportunity to complete an extensive program of research into one of the Library’s most unique book collections, gave me hands-on training in flexible web-publishing technology, and bridged my transition from full-time student to member of the workforce. The opportunity to publish and promote my work as a Learning Curriculum through the Library’s online presence proved to be the perfect capstone to my undergraduate experience at OSU as well as an invaluable step toward a career in the archival profession.”

Please learn more about how you can be a part of enhancing student success by contacting Mike Moran, Director of Development, Scholarships and Universities Initiatives at (503) 553-3404; Faye A. Chadwell, the Donald and Delpha Campbell University Librarian and OSU Press Director at (541) 737-7300; or Don Frier, Assistant to the University Librarian at (541) 737-4633.

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