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Our stakeholders also challenged us to create inspired spaces for learning and
engagement, offer easy-to-find digital resources, and provide expert guidance in data
management and new publishing models. They made it clear that the OSU Libraries
and Press can always improve how we tell our story, promote our resources and
services, and expand upon the support we receive from library and press supporters.
We must also challenge ourselves to demonstrate our success at advancing the
University’s ambitions as articulated in its strategic initiatives to:
create signature programs that advance the science of sustainable earth
ecosystems, improve human health and wellness, and promote economic
growth and social progress;
provide an excellent teaching and learning environment, and achieve student
access, persistence, and success through graduation; and
substantially increase revenues resulting from private fundraising,
partnerships, research grants, and technology transfers.
The OSU Libraries and Press listened to stakeholders and acknowledged the challenges.
By enacting this strategic plan, we seek to further align ourselves with the University’s
strategic initiatives. However, we must remain agile enough to respond to new
university initiatives that will emerge over the next five years. We intend to discover
innovative solutions to the major regional, national, and global trends facing Oregon
State University and the state of Oregon. Our plan also addresses the principal strategic
issues facing the library and press community as a whole. It acknowledges the
important areas where we must grow as an organization in terms of resources, staff
expertise, and collaboration.
In the next five years, OSU Libraries and Press will direct efforts across four key areas:
1. We will support an exceptional learning and research environment in our
physical and virtual spaces. This environment will enable research and learning
to thrive at OSU as students and faculty meet to discover content, exchange
ideas, and build community.
2. We will develop a distinctive library learning and engagement program that
adds value to an OSU student’s educational experience. Our learning and
engagement program will optimize student learning and success.
3. Not only will we advance the creation and dissemination of knowledge through
our own contributions to scholarship and publishing, we will lead changes
in the global scholarly environment through innovation and advocacy. Our
resources will be globally accessible and responsibly managed. We will be
critical to the success of researchers, whether they are faculty or graduate and
undergraduate students.
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