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information management and organization, scholarly communication, and data
management planning.
We will address the critical need to promote OSU’s scholarly and research
accomplishments to the citizens of Oregon as well as the larger scholarly
community. We will accomplish this through the development of innovative
services and tools as well as best practices. These efforts will assist scholars
as they create, display, discover, use, preserve, and communicate knowedge,
information, and data. Through the library faculty’s focused research agenda,
we will play a significant role in advancing the scholarship of library and
information science.
We will continue to use input gathered through our stakeholders’ active
participation in this plan’s development to guide us. By actively engaging
with OSU students, faculty, and supporters we will ensure that our strategic
directions match their evolving needs and expectations. We will assess our
performance regularly to demonstrate the value of our services, collections,
and personnel.
The future promises both an exciting and a challenging time for research libraries and
university presses like OSU Libraries and Press. Meeting the challenges of the future
calls upon the strategic deployment of resources, the most important being focused
placement and development of the staff and faculty of OSU Libraries and Press. It
also requires the cultivation and stewardship of new and ongoing supporters and
donors who share our vision for the Libraries and Press. Most importantly, our success
demands ongoing engagement and communication with the OSU campus. This
audacious strategic plan for 2012-17 represents the initial step in reaching the promise
of that engagement. I encourage you to join us in the plan’s launch and partner with us
to reach its successful implementation.
Faye A. Chadwell
Donald and Delpha Campbell University Librarian
and OSU Press Director
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