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Inspiring Minds and Hearts
ince its inception,
has been a terrific
vehicle for communicating
how OSU Libraries and
OSU Press have impact on the lives of
Oregon StateUniversity students. It’s
clear that we take enormous pride in
fostering students’ critical inquiry and
enabling them to create new knowl-
edge. It’s also clear that our innovation
and desire to serve have yielded excellent facilities,
services, and programs to offer our community.
With this issue of
we are digging a bit
deeper to focus on how we promote student success
among our very own student workers. At the begin-
ning of every fall term, it is my fortune to be able to
meet and greet new student employees during their
orientation. I thank them for their dedication to our
mission and communicate two important messages.
First, I emphasize that our achievements would not
be possiblewithout their participation.OSULibraries
and Press staffs approximately 100 student workers.
All together the hours these students contribute is
equivalent to the hours generated by at least 35 full-
time staff members. Secondly, I remind them that
in the phrase “student worker,” the most significant
word for us is
. We strive to make the expe-
rience of our student workers a valuable learning
experience, and not just “the flexible schedule and
stable paycheck” that Rick Stoddart, our assessment
librarian, mentions in his contribution to this issue.
As you read the article authored by Hailey Roberts,
one of our student workers, you will hear students
describe in their words what values and benefits they
gain from working at OSU Libraries and Press. Their
words are inspirational, even for long-time veterans
of academic librarianship like me.
The stories of students like Hailey and our other
student workers inspire many of our friends and
supporters to participate actively as
members of the Library Advisory
Council (LAC). Established in 2003
by formerUniversity LibrarianKaryle
Butcher, the LAC is our premier vol-
unteer leadership group. Over the
years, this group’s dedication to our
mission and strategic initiatives has
provided a tremendous underpin-
ning for our overall success. Judith
Youde, one of our current LAC members, describes
why she joined this important group of library and
press advocates, a group that believes passionately that
a world-class university requires a world-class library
as well as a top notch university press. The LAC pro-
vided important input into the development of the
fundraising objectives we aim to realize as part of the
incredibly successful Campaign forOSU.We continue
to develop the LAC membership, seeking new faces
or old friends committed to our excellence.
The next year 2014 is upon us. Looking ahead, I
am reminded of the terrific benefit of your support
in the last year. I enjoy sharing our stories with you,
but mostly I enjoy the chance to thank you for all
you do for Oregon State University Libraries and
Press. You encourage and inspire us to undertake
new and innovative initiatives like the establishment
of theOregonHops andBrewingArchives within our
SpecialCollections andArchivesResearchCenter. You
enable us to serve OSU students, our most important
constituency. Your generous contributions make our
ongoing achievements possible and ensure we enjoy
success for the future.
Faye A. Chadwell
University Librarian/OSU Press Director
Faye A. Chadwell
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