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Student Workers at
OSU Libraries and Press
by Rick Stoddart, Assessment Librarian
s the assessment librarian at the OSU Libraries and
Press, my role is to help articulate the value librar-
ies impart to students. One area where the OSU
Libraries and Press have a significant impact is with our student
workers. Employment in the Libraries and Press not only pro-
vides a flexible schedule and stable paycheck for students, but
also presents an educational opportunity for the application of
classroom knowledge and University learning goals.
While working at the OSU Libraries and Press, our student
employees demonstrate and develop learning competencies
such as knowledge in multiple fields, creativity, and critical
thinking through such workplace activities as computer
programming, graphic design, and assisting in the overall
research and scholarly production process. Throughout their
employment, students also gain resume-building skills such as
conflict resolution, attention to detail, and various technology
proficiencies. This type of learning experience partners both
the classroom and workplace and is rooted in the intersection
of two strategic actions within the
OSU Libraries and Press
Strategic Plan 2012–2017
: Deliver experiential learning opportunities in conjunc-
tion with the University’s learning goals
: Build the skills, competencies, and abilities across the
OSU Libraries and Press
Ultimately, our educational efforts with student workers
contribute to the overall strategic goal of enriching the aca-
demic impact and educational prosperity of our stakeholders
and community members. To this end, the library will roll
out, in the coming months, a series of formal learning goals
for student employees based on the core values found in our
strategic plan. These new student employee learning goals
will not only help prepare our students for life after college,
but will serve to strengthen the educational commitment we
have to the University.
In the following article,
Hailey Roberts
, a student
worker in The Valley Library, has done a great job uncover-
ing the strong connection between the core values at the
OSU Libraries and Press, and the influence they have on our
student employees. We learn that values such as civility, pres-
ervation, and service do matter and have a lasting impact in
making the OSU Libraries and Press a “great place to work.”
Group photograph by Jessicca Layton, Interlibrary Loan Coordinator
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