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Ellie’s Log
his spring, OSU Press will introduce
Ellie’s Log: Exploring the
Forest Where the Great Tree Fell
, a book designed to inspire
children—fourth and fifth graders in particular—to spend time in
the outdoors and to learn about scientific observation. Author Judith L.
Li, a stream ecologist and retired professor in OSU’s Fisheries and Wildlife
Department, and illustrator M. L. Herring, a science writer and illustrator
who heads OSU’s Extension and Experiment Station Communications
unit, collaborated to create the adventures of ten-year-old Ellie and her
friend Ricky as they explore the Douglas fir forest where Ellie lives (mod-
eled on the H. L. Andrews Experimental Forest). An accompanying
Teacher’s Guide and a resource-rich website
(elllieslog. org)
provide scien-
tific and observation and recording activities perfect for the classroom or
for the independent student.
For more information about OSU Press, to explore new books, and read
our blog posts, visit
osupress.oregonstate. edu
ASpecial Conversation
by Micki Reaman, OSU Press Marketing Assistant
n November 16, the OSU Libraries and Press
welcomed Charles K. Johnson to the main floor
rotunda of The Valley Library for a special con-
versation about his new biography of former Oregon
governor Robert Straub,
Standing at the Water’s Edge
Brent Walth, Managing
Editor of
Willamette Week
and author of the biography
of another Oregon governor,
Tom McCall, led an inter-
view and audience discussion
with Johnson.
The evening culminated
the inaugural University
Press Week
highlighting the extraordi-
nary work of university
presses and their many con-
tributions to culture, the
academy, and society.
University Press Week
activities included:
• Fine Print* (*and digi-
tal), an online gallery of
more than 100 books,
journals, online collec-
tions, and reference works
brought to you by univer-
sity presses.
• UP Week Blog Tour, during which 26 university presses
hosted and shared posts from authors, book review
editors, university press staff members, booksellers, and
advocates. The week at OSU Press included posts from
several authors as well as Griffis Publishing Intern Jessica
Kibler’s post,
University Presses: Through the Eyes of an
Visit the OSU Press at:
. edu/blog
to read our blogs, see our current titles and upcoming
The book cover of Charles K.
Johnson’s latest work.
Cover of
Ellie’s Log
Brent Waith interviews Charles K.
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