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Heismans, Hemoglobin
andHot Pads, OhMy!
by Karl McCreary, Archivist
ach year the Archives faculty and staff organize an
array of events to celebrate National Archives
month. It is both an opportunity to show off some
of our wonderful collections and also to engage with the
OSU and Corvallis communities to share history in cre-
ative ways.
This year we organized the following:
October 4:
Terry Baker on Film
In honor of the OSU athlete extraordinaire and Heisman
Trophy winner Terry Baker, we showed the 1963 TV
documentary produced by KATU-TV
“A Day in the Life of
Terry Baker.”
We also showed clips from football games
played by Baker.
October 10:
Tour of the Ava Helen and Linus
Pauling Papers
Chris Petersen of SCARC led a tour of the diverse and
fascinating Pauling Collection, which illuminates the
brilliance, creativity, and conviction of the Nobel Prize-
winning Chemistry professor.␣
October 26:
Tour of OSU Rare Book
Taking a peek at OSU’s oldest and rarest volumes in this
tour of the Library’s fascinating rare book collections,
Anne Bahde and Trevor Sandgathe of SCARC showed off
this unique collection that includes cuneiform tablets,
incunabula and fine bindings.␣
Welcoming attendees to the Recipe Showcase.
October 29:
Recipe Showcase
We sampled tastes of the past in this annual showcase of
recipes featured in historic publications written by OSU
students and staff. This year,
attendees had a chance to vote
for their favorite fare while also
raising money for the Linn-
Benton Food Share. You can
find these recipes in publica-
tions online at the OSU
ScholarsArchive site.
If you are interested in attending any future events, please
contact Karl McCreary at
or at
If you are interested in touring the Special Collections,
appointments can be made at
or at
Elizabeth Nielsen, Ryan Wick,
and an unidentified man
thumb through volumes
during the OSU Rare Book
collections tour.
A fish pie recipe that was featured
at the showcase.
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