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Margaret Mellinger & Erin Clark (SCARC intern) provide information at the Open
Access traveling table at Market Place West.
Shan Sutton (left) recognizes David
Stauth, at the 2012 OSU Open Access
Hall of Fame ceremony. David Stauth is
one of three Open Access Hall of Fame
inductees recognized for his efforts in
the Open Access movement at OSU.
Set the Default to Open
by Philip Vue, Digital Services Librarian
he theme of this year’s International Open Access
Week 2012 was “set the default to open.”
Heather Joseph, Executive Director of SPARC,
sums up this year’s theme as the continuing efforts sur-
rounding open access and making open access the norm in
science and scholarship. This means as soon as an author
makes the final corrections to an article it would be pub-
lished in a way that anyone with access to the Internet
could read it free.␣
Further, perhaps the data behind that
article would also be available.␣
Setting the default to open
doesn’t mean scholars lose copyright privileges or that
people can use a work without crediting the author, it just
means they will have access to it sooner than later.␣
“Open Access” (OA)
refers to the free, immediate,
online access to the results of
scholarly research, and the
right to use and re-use those
results (with attribution).␣
has the power to transform
the way research and scien-
tific inquiry are conducted. It
also has direct and wide-
spread implications for
academia, medicine, science,
industry, and for society as a
OSU Libraries observed a
weeklong international celebration to help raise awareness,
deepen understanding, celebrate the progress, share expe-
riences, and inspire wider participation for Open Access
beginning October 22. Many exciting events were planned
for the week, including:
• Open Access Traveling Tables at the Linus Pauling
Science Center,␣
Market Place West and Java II staffed
with knowledgeable faculty ready to answer questions
from students and faculty.␣
• A webinar from copyright authority Kenneth D. Crews,
showing how scholars can facilitate access to their work
by being proactive.
• A series of Open Access short videos shown in The
Valley Library main foyer.
• A lecture from Dr. Cable Green:
Expanding the open
agenda: From open access to an open education
, held in
The Valley Library rotunda. The event was streamed live
and can still be viewed at:
For more information and to learn about Open Access visit:
• Open Access @ OSU
• The Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coali-
tion (SPARC)
• Open Access Overview by Peter Suber who writes for
SPARC News letter
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