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Innovative Seniors Design Projects
for The Valley Library
by Margaret Mellinger, Associate Professor, Engineering Librarian
Study RoomReservation System:
There’s an App for That
Last summer, Steve Hill used an open source room reserva-
tion system as the basis for a new way for students to reserve
study rooms in The Valley Library (
, Winter 2013).
This year, Computer Science students Pat Kreutzer, Gregorio
German Luis Ramirez, and Conway Tang joined Steve in
a capstone project to make the reservation system work on
mobile devices. With the help of
Trey Terrell
, who works in
Emerging Technologies and Services, and
Kelly Holcomb
who works in Circulation, the team members developed a
mobile interface and optimized the reservation workflow
so that students can now reserve rooms on the go, between
classes, on their mobile phones.
Thank you, Conway Tang, Steve Hill, Gregorio German Luis Ramirez, and Pat
Kreutzer for letting us go mobile with reservations.
Real-Time Seating Availability
In engineering capstone classes, students work in small
groups over three terms to develop solutions to real-world
engineering problems posed by clients from OSU, indus-
try, and small business. Electrical engineering seniors Abdul
Alhuwaikim, Hassan Alwehaimid, and Brady Fry developed
a system to help students find empty tables in The Valley
Library. Personal experiences of searching for study spaces in
the library, especially during midterms and finals, prompted
them to choose this project. Engineering Librarian
wrote the project proposal. She and
Trey Terrell
library programmer analyst, periodically met with the stu-
dents to give advice and feedback.
Their working prototype combines passive infrared sen-
sors and microcontrollers to sense when someone sits down
at a table. That information goes wirelessly to a database to
display on a website students can access from computers or
mobile devices to find open tables. When tables are available,
they show up as green; when they are in use, they show up
as red.
We are excited about the real solution proposed for a
real problem and impressed, as always, by OSU engineering
ingenuity. Industry professionals were also impressed with
the real-time seating availability project. Out of 35 projects
presented at the 2013 Engineering Expo, they voted this one
second place for best project.
: Abdul
Alhuwaikim, Brady Fry, and Hassan
Alwehaimid present their work at the
2013 Engineering Expo in May and win
second place for best project.
Impressive innovation to solve
a real-world problem
: A device like
the one in this picture attached to the
leg of a table in the library transmits
information about seat availability to a
web site so students can easily find a
free space to study.
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