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Promotions and Tenure
Hannah Rempel
(Teaching and Engagement) and
Andrea Wirth
(Collections and Resource Sharing) were promoted to Associate Professor
this spring. Rempel started in The Valley Library in 2007 as a Science
Librarian and Graduate Student Services Coordinator. With an emphasis
on instruction, she helps students gain sophisticated information literacy
skills. Wirth started working for OSU Libraries 14 years ago as a student
employee. Her current work involves managing the library’s collections
and developing the library’s scholarly communication program.
Chris Petersen
(Special Collections and Archives Research Center)
received a promotion to Senior Faculty Research Assistant in spring. As
a member of SCARC, he supports the department’s arrangement and
description efforts, leads its digitization initiatives, and supervises the
student staff.
Robert Lundeen Library Faculty
Development Award
The Robert Lundeen Library Faculty Development Award supports mean-
ingful faculty development through the pursuit of scholarship or through
professional capacity building. OSU alumnus Bob Lundeen, a former
member of the Library Advisory Council, established the award in 2003.
This year’s award winners:
Jane Nichols
will participate in the Software Environment for the
Advancement of Scholarly Research Analytics course as part of the
Digital Humanities Summer Institute this summer.
Maura Valentino
will focus on improving how our digital collections are
incorporated into the campus curriculum.
Amanda Whitmire
will attend a 5-day workshop, Curating and
Managing Research Data for Re-Use, in Michigan.
(above left) Jane Nichols
(above right) Maura Valentino
(left) Amanda Whitmire
(above left) Hannah Rempel
(above right) Andrea Wirth
(right) Chris Petersen
Oregon Library Association
Distinguished Service Award
Decades of outstanding leadership led The Oregon Library Association to
Janet Webster
, Hatfield Marine Science Center Head Librarian, the
2013 Oregon Library Association Distinguished Service Award. This award
recognizes the exceptional service of an Oregon librarian or library staff
member. Among her many accomplishments, Janet has been a particularly
effective advocate for federal, state, and local policy and legislation that
allow libraries to better serve their communities.
Janet Webster
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