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F  U L  OSU P D
“Planning for success
leads to success.”
reetings supporters and friends of the
Oregon State University Libraries and
Press! It’s always a point of pride to intro-
duce the latest issue of
The Messenger
and to
share our accomplishments, accomplishments that your
support helps to make possible.
We continue to have tremendous impact on the lives
of students by offering exciting opportunities for them
that cultivate critical inquiry, introduce new tools and
software, conduct original research and create new
knowledge, and build qualities and experience that they
can transfer to future work environments. The student
projects and success stories in this issue provide compel-
ling evidence of how OSU Libraries and Press benefit
students. In all honesty though, we gain much from
supporting or partnering with agile and bright minds
to tackle all kinds of issues: Where to find a seat in the
packed Valley Library during midterms or finals? How
to protect Oregon pinot noir fruit from a grapevine
virus? Thanks for the benefit of your support. It enables
us to provide rich opportunities and rewards for student
success like the Totten Awards that recognize and honor
outstanding student employees.
Another important group of constituents are the
incredible faculty of Oregon State University. For several
years we have been actively engaged in heightening the
visibility and accessibility of their research and schol-
arship. This issue of
The Messenger
provides evidence
that our work to open up the access to OSU research
through our repository ScholarsArchive@OSU is pay-
ing off. Then there is the incredible story of Professor
Mina Carson whose exploration of the life of Ava Helen
Pauling in our Special Collections and Archives Research
Center culminated in the publication of Pauling’s first
biography by OSU Press.
The Messenger
introduces a new service that
we are piloting to improve the library user’s experience.
Our most recent success story has to be our partnership
with a local group, the Welcome Waggers. Through this
partnership we can offer OSU students relief from the
brain strain of studying for final exams through brief but
calming interactions with a trained therapy dog.
You might think we have gone to the dogs, but
actually services like this are all a part of the plan. I am
speaking of a new, 5-year strategic plan that positions us
to be a model for other research libraries and university
presses. This plan will guide our engagement with the
OSU community to be sure we are meeting their needs
and expectations. This plan also directs our contribu-
tions to the University’s drive to enhance its teaching
and learning environment, increase its creative, scholarly
and research achievements, and boost OSU’s interna-
tional visibility and reputation. Please peruse this plan
yourself. It’s on our website at:
. I welcome
your feedback.
We can confidently undertake the aspirations estab-
lished in this plan because of the tremendous support
you provide us. Your generous contributions to the
Libraries and Press make it possible for us to create a
positive learning, teaching, and research environment
for the students and faculty at Oregon State University.
I always look forward to sharing our achievements with
you, but I am especially eager to celebrate the successful
outcomes related to our new plan in future
All the best,
Faye A. Chadwell
University Librarian/OSU Press Director
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