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NewBiography of
Ava Helen Pauling
On May 9, 2013, OSU Libraries and Press hosted a gathering
at the Oregon Historical Society to celebrate the publication
of a long-awaited biography:
Ava Helen Pauling, Partner,
Activist, Visionary
Author Mina Carson, an associate professor of history at
OSU, did much of her research for the book while participat-
ing in the OSU Libraries Special Collections and Archives
Research Center Resident Scholar Program. At the Portland
event, Carson shared images and stories about Ava Helen and
about her own research for the book.
Though Ava Helen may be best known as the spouse of
Linus Pauling, she had a rich career of her own as an activist
for civil rights, peace, feminism, and environmental steward-
ship. She was “the one who inspired Linus Pauling to go
beyond his science and take political stands and career risks
based on moral conviction,” says Carson. This first biogra-
phy of Ava Helen is a significant complement to the writings
about Linus Pauling and a welcome addition to the literature
on feminism and family history.
Read more about Dr. Carson’s research for the book on
the Pauling Blog:
The book is available for purchase at bookstores or
online: www://
Coming Soon FromOSU Press
for more information.
Salmon, People, and Place:
A Biologist’s Search for Salmon
Jim Lichatowich (M.S., B.S., Fisheries
Publication date: October 2013
The author of the award-winning
Salmon Without Rivers: A History of
the Pacific Salmon Crisis
offers a new
“salmon story” designed to change
the conversation about salmon and
to move toward more sustainable
relationships between salmon, people,
and place.
Collared: Politics and Personalities in
Oregon’s Wolf Country
Aimee Lyn Eaton (M.S. Physical
Publication date: October 2013
In personal and forthright prose,
Aimee Lyn Eaton describes what
unfolded as wolves from the rein-
troduced population of the northern
Rocky Mountains dispersed west
across state lines.
invites a
deeper, multifaceted understanding
of the storied presence of wolves in
Bridging a Great Divide: The Battle for
the Columbia River Gorge
Kathie Durbin
Publication date: November 2013
Bridging a Great Divide
, award-win-
ning environmental journalist Kathie
Durbin presents the conflicts, compro-
mises, and changes that have affected
the Gorge since the passage of the
Columbia River Gorge National Scenic
Area Act in 1986.
Pacific Northwest Cheese: A History
Tami Parr
Publication date: September 2013
Tami Parr’s rich and engaging history
of regional cheesemaking begins with
the first fur traders in the Pacific
Northwest and ends with modern-day
small farmers in Oregon, Washington,
and Idaho.
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