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Endowed funds, as part of the
Professor for Undergraduate Learning
, supported travel to London, 
England, for
Anne‐Marie Deitering and 
Margaret Mellinger
(pictured). In September
2012, these two library faculty members
presented preliminary research findings on how mobile information technology, such as 
the iPad, can transform the research and study habits of students.
Robert Lundeen Library Faculty Development Award
encourages and supports 
meaningful library faculty development through the pursuit of scholarship or 
professional capacity‐building activities.  The Lundeen Award provided opportunities 
for several OSU library faculty: 
Hannah Rempel and Margaret Mellinger
studied students’ adoption and use of 
bibliographic management tools.  Their research has great potential to strengthen 
the Libraries’ understanding of the impact that such tools have on graduate students’ 
research productivity. 
Larry Landis and Tiah Edmunson‐Morton
participated in the onsite investigation of 
special collections and archives facilities at UCLA, the University of Chicago, and Iowa 
State University. Their report will contribute to the proposed development of 
physical facilities on the 5
floor of the Valley Library, the home of the Libraries’ 
Special Collections and Archives Research Center. 
Steven Sowell’s 
study of how OSU students use overnight hours in the Valley Library 
seeks to increase our understanding of the contributions our spaces make to 
undergraduate students’ academic achievements. 
Library Faculty Research 
and Scholarship
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