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Heightening the Special Collections and 
Archives Research Center
The collection of Albert and Ruth Parr joined the rare book collections of the 
Libraries’ Special Collections and Archives Research Center (SCARC) in the fall 
of 2012. The
Albert and Ruth Parr Rare Book Collection 
contains more than 
350 titles, ranging in subject from religious thought to literature to the history 
of science. Highlights include a 1498 printed version of the Bible and the first 
English translation of Sir Isaac Newton’s
, titled
A Treatise of the 
System of the World
, and dating from 1728. The Collection will complement 
the McDonald Collection, OSU’s original rare book collection, which contains 
more than 2,500 rare books, artifacts, and fine bindings.  The Parr Rare Book 
Collection has already begun to have impact on our teaching and engagement 
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