Paul M. Dunn Papers, 1916-1988.
Paul Millard Dunn, 1898-1988
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Dean Paul M. Dunn and George W. Peavy, 1949. Paul M. Dunn served as Dean of Forestry from 1942 until 1955. George W. Peavy (right) was the first Dean of Forestry at Oregon State College, a position he held from 1913 until his retirement in 1940. At the time of this photograph he was Mayor of Corvallis. [OSU Archives Paul M. Dunn Papers.]

Scope and Content Note

The Paul M. Dunn Papers include two scrapbooks; correspondence received from friends and colleagues; awards, certificates, plaques, diplomas, and medallions; his master's thesis; photographs; and materials pertaining to his work in Missouri and in Chile.

The scrapbooks include b/w and color photographs as well as clippings and memorabilia documenting Paul Dunn's professional activities and his family. Notable items include photographs of the Paul M. Dunn Demonstration Forest owned by St. Regis Paper Comp any near Pensacola Florida; groundbreaking for the Western Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon in 1969; a 1946 photograph of the Corvallis Rotary Club at the coast showing many OSC faculty and alumni including Paul Petri, Fred Shideler, Ralph Coleman, Slats Gill, and E.E. Wilson; and 1980 newspaper clippings about Donna Byrne, the first woman to receive the Paul M. Dunn Award presented to the top senior in the OSU College of Forestry.

The correspondence consists primarily of congratulatory letters received at the time Dunn was appointed to new positions or received awards. Of particular note are letters from Oregon State College faculty and administrators, including former Dean of Forestry George W. Peavy, sent at the time of his appointment as Dean of Forestry at Oregon State College in 1942.

The photographs include images of Dunn; his wife, Neva K. Dunn; groups at conferences and meetings; and Dunn with forestry students in Chile. Of especial note is a 1949 image of George W. Peavy with Dunn.

Biographical Note

Paul M. Dunn served as Dean of Forestry at Oregon State College from 1942 until 1955, when he joined the St. Regis Paper Company. Dunn was instrumental in obtaining the 6200-acre Adair Tract for teaching and research and it was subsequently named the Pau l M. Dunn Research Forest in his honor. In 1952-53, Dunn assisted in establishing a school of forest engineering at the University of Chile.

Dunn was born 15 October 1898 in Lennox, South Dakota. He earned BS and MSF degrees in forestry from Iowa State College in 1923 and 1933. From 1926 until 1931, he was associate state forester in Missouri. Dunn became a forestry professor at Utah State College in 1931 and in 1938 became the first Dean of Forestry at that institution, a position he held until 1942. Dunn retired from St. Regis in 1968 and returned to Corvallis where he lived until his death on 8 January 1988.

Dunn received the Iowa State University Alumni Association's Distinguished Achievement Award in 1968, the Society of American Foresters' Gifford Pinchot Award in 1975, and the Utah State University's Centennial Award in 1987.

Related Materials

The College of Forestry Records (RG 139) include materials pertaining to Dunn's years as Dean. Other forestry-related collections include the George W. Peavy Papers and the Walter F. McCulloch Collection. The OSU Research Forests published an oral history of Paul M. Dunn in 1990.

Preservation Note

Several of the awards, certificates, and photographs have been kept in their original frames at the request of the donor because they may be displayed by the College of Forestry. They may be removed from the frames in the future.

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(SR 6/6/6/32)

Scrapbooks, 1916-1965
	1920-1965 [original]
	1916-1965 [photocopy includes 1916 image not in original above]

(SR 4/1/1/g - 16x20 oversize box]


(SR 6/6/6/32)

Thesis, 1933
	A Study of Some Forest Tree Plantings on Agricultural Lands and 
	   Watershed Areas in Utah Showing Methods of Reforestation and First
 	   Results, MS Thesis, Iowa State College, 1933.

Letters received, 1931-1986
	OSU resignation, 1954
	Society of American Foresters presidency, 1961-1962
	Society of American Foresters fellow, 1959
	St. Regis vice-president, 1962
	At close of term as Society of American Foresters president, 1963-1964
	Retirement from St. Regis, 1967
	Utah State University centennial award, 1986
	Miscellaneous, 1931-1968

Awards, 1920-1988
	Gifford Pinchot Award, 1975

(SR 6/7/3/60)
	Appreciation as chairman, Education Committee, American Forest 
	   Products Industries, Inc., ca. 1962
	Appreciation of outstanding service, Southern Pulpwood Conservation 
	   Association, 1965
	OSU Presidents Club Founding Members, 1968
	Western Forestry Award, Western Forestry and Conservation Association, 
	American Forestry Associtaion Appreciation, ca. 1972
	Fellow, Foresty History Society, 1972
	Pinchot Award plaque, 1975
	Benton County YMCA Century Club, 1975
	Award for Distinguished Service, Keep Oregon Green Association, ca.1979
	Boy Scouts of America, Oregon Trail Council Century Club Member, 
	President of Gulf Pine, Inc., 1963-1981 (wooden gavel)
	Old Main Society, Utah State University, undated (wooden gavel)

(SR 4/1/1/d - 20x24 oversize box)

	Awards and certificates (framed), 1986-1987

(SR 4/1/1/g - 16x20 oversize box)

	Medallions, ca. 1975-1988
	Certificates, awards, and diplomas, 1920-1983
	Utah State University
		Centennial Award, 1988
		Old Main Society, 1973
(SR 6/6/6/32)
Missouri Department of Agriculture, 1931-1953

University of Chile, 1952-1953

(SR 4/1/1/d - 20x24 oversize box)

Photographs, 1942- ca. 1973
	Pencil drawing of Paul M. Dunn and Neva K. Dunn, ca. 1973 [framed]

(SR 4/1/1/g - 16x20 oversize box)

	Paul M. Dunn and Neva K. Dunn, ca. 1965; 3 framed prints.


	Iowa State University Reunion Class of 1923, 1968.
	AFA Group, ca. 1956.
	Oregon Forest Products Laboratory Staff, 1949.
		Front row (l to r): Hugh Wilcox, Murl Peterson, Bruce 
		   Anderson, James Holden.
		Center row (l to r): Paul Dunn, Phimister Proctor, Ervin 
		   Kurth, Mortimer Macdonald, Leif Espenas.
		Back row (l to r): Bruce Wagg, Robert Stillinger, Maurice
		   Gekeler, Robert Graham, William Baker.
	Paul Dunn at SPCA meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, 1965.
	Group at World Forestry Congress, 1960.
	Paul Dunn, President of Society of American Foresters, presenting
	   award to R.E. McCardle, 1962.
	St. Regis foresters, 1963.
	Group at AFA, 1962.
	St. Regis Forestry and timberlands tour; Tacoma, Washington; 1965.
	George W. Peavy and Paul M. Dunn, 1949.  View this image.
	Paul Dunn at desk, ca. 1942.
	Committee meeting at OSU, 1971.
	Maine forestry dinner, 1966.
	Dunn with Chilean students, 1952-1953; 3 prints.

(2/2/3 - 12x17 oversize box)

	Portrait photograph of Dunn, ca. 1965.

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