In-class instruction

Why library instruction?

While more and more materials are available to you and your students through the library, finding and selecting materials has only become more difficult for novice researchers. When your assignment requires your students to find scholarly, specialized materials many will need help searching for, selecting, and accessing credible, relevant materials.

To prepare your students for an instruction session:
  • Be sure students read and understand the assignment before the library session.
  • Include your research requirements in the assignment (see tips for research assignments).
  • Ask students to come to the session with a few potential topics in mind.
  • Consider giving a pre-assessment to determine the range of research experience of your particular class; experience generally varies widely.
  • Be sure every student has registered for interlibrary loan.

What to expect from an in-class library instruction session...

To schedule a session,  contact Janet Webster by email (janet.webster@oregonstate.edu) or phone (541-867-0108).