This award is thanks to the generosity of Gilbert and Marie Cleasby.

The Oregon State University Libraries is pleased to announce the tenth annual Library Undergraduate Research Award. This award recognizes and rewards OSU undergraduate students who, through the comprehensive use of the OSU Libraries, demonstrate outstanding research, scholarship, and originality in writing a paper or completing a project. Typically there are two awards; $1000 scholarship awarded to an upper division undergraduate in the humanities and $1000 scholarship awarded to an upper division student in the social sciences/sciences/engineering from Oregon State University.

Students must write their research papers or complete their research projects as part of their coursework at OSU. The intent of this award is to foster outstanding information literacy skills through the extensive and sophisticated use of the library services, resources and collections.


To be eligible for the competition, individuals must:

  • Currently be enrolled as a student (at least part-time) at Oregon State University in any discipline (including all branch and e-campus students)
  • Have completed a research project for a credit course at OSU during the Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall terms of 2016.  A project may be in any format or medium
  • Individual or group projects are eligible
  • Awards are given as scholarships, with funds applied directly to the students’ OSU billing account. Therefore the winning students MUST be enrolled at OSU at the time of the award
  • Agree to contribute their papers or projects to the permanent archives of the Oregon State University Libraries

Evaluation Criteria

Humanities Award

Submissions will be judged and evaluated on:

  • Creativity, originality, and the extent of the use of library services, collections, and resources, including, but not limited to print, non-print resources, databases, and/or primary sources
  • Exceptional ability to locate, select, evaluate, and synthesize library resources
  • Demonstration of the use of these resources through the creation of an original project
  • Clear and effective writing skills
  • Responsible use of information including appropriate and accurate citations and credits
  • An essay that provides evidence of significant personal growth in methods of research and inquiry

Social Sciences/Sciences/Engineering Award

Submissions will be judged and evaluated on:

  • Selection of journal(s) and articles appropriate to the profession or discipline
  • Use of existing literature to narrow and focus a topic
  • A literature review that demonstrates a new research question and methodology OR the synthesis of relevant literature into a comprehensive paper
  • Selection of appropriate data taken from a quality source AND/OR the use of data to verify or refute other data
  • Responsible use of information including well integrated images, graphs and charts, and appropriate and accurate citations and credits
  • Clear and effective writing skills appropriate to the style used by the profession
  • An essay that provides evidence of significant personal growth in methods of research and inquiry
  • Demonstration that the paper is part of the scholarly conversation

Submissions Requirements

Each applicant must submit the following:

  1. Submission checklist
  2. Submission cover sheet describing the project
  3. Nomination form and an accompanying letter of support from the supervising faculty member or instructor
  4. A 500-750 word introductory essay describing the research strategies, listing library tools and resources used in completion of the project.
  5. A final version of the research project:
  6. Written projects should be double-spaced; there is no minimum or maximum length
  7. For digital projects submit a printout of the first 'page' of the project in addition to the digitally formatted version. Provide a DVD or CD copy of web based projects. For all other project formats consult with the Award Committee Chair for the appropriate format for project submissions.
  8. All other application components must be submitted in paper.
  9. A bibliography citing sources used.
  10. When preparing your application package, do not use staples, bind projects or put projects in 3-ring binders. Use paper clips, envelopes or folders.

Deliver the complete application package to:

Undergraduate Library Research Award Committee
Attn: Anne-Marie Deitering, Associate University Librarian
121 The Valley Library
Oregon State University
Corvallis OR 97331

Application Deadline and Award Notification

The application deadline is January 31, 2017.  Neither incomplete applications nor late submissions will be considered. Once the deadline has passed, the committee will begin evaluating the submissions. Winners will be notified no later than April 1, 2017. Award recipients and faculty sponsors will be honored at a reception early in the spring term 2017. Awards are given as scholarships, with funds applied directly to the students' OSU billing account.

Evaluation Committee

A panel composed of OSU faculty, librarians and other educators will judge entries on the evidence of the applicant's research strategy, process, and personal learning, as demonstrated in the paper and summarized in the research essay. Expectations for achievement will be commensurate with the applicant's class year and the requirements of the discipline .

The panel will consist of:

  • Two representatives from the Library Advisory Council
  • Cheryl Middleton, Associate University Librarian
  • One Representative from Library Faculty
  • One Representative from the Faculty Senate Library Committee