OSU Libraries Undergraduate Research Award

2010-2011 Recipients

Melissa Broussard - Native bees, honeybees and pollination in Oregon cranbrries
Marie Enger - Animal Testing: Necessary or Cruel?
Mark Fisher - Repression of the I.W.W. in Coos County, Oregon: The Role of the Press in the Extralegal Deportations, Conflicting Views of Constitutional Rights, and a Demand for Justice

2009-2010 Recipients

Douglas Schulte - How the West Was Won: An Investigation of the Rise and Evolution of the Cowboy as an American Popular Culture Icon
Robinson D. Taylor - Processing Facial Emotion: Can it Occur without Attention?

2008-2009 Recipients

Alison Gemperle - Identity Priming and Free Recall in Student-Athletes
Kristina Wick
- The Free Lunch Program: A Construction of Social Welfare Attitudes of the 1940s

2007-2008 Recipients

Andrew Seher - Leading the Way to Real Progress: The Portland Urban League, 1964-1970
Meaghan Josh - Albina's Story

2006-2007 Recipients

Carmen Halstead - D.H. Lawrence and Ursula Brangwen v. Feminist Misreadings
Luke Peterson - The Birth of German Art: Italia and Germania
Matt Bradley - Meat for Thought: Factory Farming at its Worst