The play “Silent Sky” will have a live reading at the Valley Library on February 28 at 7:00 p.m. The reading of the play will be held in the library’s Special Collections and Archives Research Center Reading Room on the fifth floor. This event is free and open to the public. 

This reading is the second in a series of plays about women scientists written by contemporary women dramatists. “Silent Sky” follows the successful reading of the play “Photograph 51.”

About the “Silent Sky” play, Misha Berson of the Seattle Times writes that, “For nearly a century, the stories of women’s major contributions to modern science were not widely known or appreciated — with the rare exception of, say, a celebrated Madame Curie. That’s shifted, at least theatrically, with notable science-oriented bio-dramas like Anna Ziegler’s ‘Photograph 51’ (about Rosalind Franklin’s critical role in uncovering the double helix aspect of DNA), Mac Wellman’s ‘Hypatia’ (about a fifth century mathematician and inventor) and multiple works by prolific California playwright Lauren Gunderson, including ‘Silent Sky.’ The latter, which premiered in 2014, focuses on Henrietta Leavitt, a trailblazing astronomer who surmounted gender bias and other obstacles to become a pioneering force in mapping the cosmos.” 

Readers in “Silent Sky” are from OSU and the local community. The cast includes Amanda Granrud as Henrietta Leavitt, the brilliant astronomer; Johanna Spencer is Leavitt’s sister Margaret; Rus Roberts plays Peter Shaw, the head astronomer’s apprentice; Kryn Freehling-Burton plays Annie Cannon, the firebrand leader of the group; and Charlotte Headrick plays Williamina Fleming. Stage directions will be read by Robin Pappas. Trischa Goodnow is directing. 

Support for the reading was provided by OSU’s Office of Student Affairs, the Special Collections and Archives Research Center at the Valley Library, and the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies department.

Posted - February 16, 2017